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Washing Instructions

Although all cape fabric has been prewashed in warm water prior to sewing, I suggest handwashing the capes in cold water to prevent any discoloring. Your superheroes will only be growing, not shrinking, so please line dry their capes.

If you insist on washing in your washing machine, place the cape in a pillowcase and wash on delicate. Line dry afterwards; do not place in a dryer as it might shrink.  I cannot guarantee the longevity of the cape should you decide to machine wash. 

All pillow poof material is prewashed in warm water prior to sewing. Finished pillows can be washed in your washing machine on delicate if placed inside a pillowcase. The stuffing in your pillow is machine washable and does not need to be removed prior to washing the pillow poof. However you can remove it if you believe it isn't dirty and just want the cover washed. Please make sure the zipper is closed prior to washing.  Dry on the lowest setting possible.